Hi there.
My name is Rutger Fransen. I am a creative engineer who likes technology and innovation. I recently graduated for:

- Industrial Product Design
- Industrial Engineering and Management

Or in Dutch: Industrieel Product Ontwerpen en Technische Bedrijfskunde.

In 2015 I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Industrial Product Design at Windesheim University of Applied Science. Furthermore I obtained a Bachelor of Science in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management at Saxion University of Applied Science in 2016.


Industrial Design
I completed my final project at Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Drachten, The Netherlands. I've created a new concept for the Senseo Coffee machine. One of the delivered products was a full functional model.



Industrial Engineering & Management - BK5
The final project for Industrial Engineering and Management was carried out at Johma Salades in Enschede. A large Salad Maker in The Netherlands. I analysed the effectiveness (OEE) of a production line and delivered improvements for Johma.

studeren in china

As a part of my Industrial Product Design education I spent one semester in Chongqing, China. At Chongqing Technology and Business University I've leared a lot about the Chinese culture and their approach to product development.

SEO + Website Management

Since 2013 I have published different Android applications and websites. Most popular website is fifatalenten.nl which is number 1 in Google.nl at the most important keywords. Furthermore I started on affiliate marketing with fifamuntenkopen.nl which is number 5 in Google at the most important keyword. My android application for the FIFA Talents has been downloaded over 40.000 times in the Google Play App-store. I've made more websites and applications.


Download my CV.

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